Red Alert Warning – School Closed Today

Due to extreme weather conditions Met Eireann has issued a Status Red warning for Leinster. The School will remain closed Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We expect to open on Monday as normal.

Study Time

Students please use these days as study days in preparation for your exams next week.  We appeal to you to keep your study and focused subjects within the same time-frame of a normal day 9.00am – 4.30pm. Or divide it up; 3 hours in the morning, 2/3 in the afternoon and 2 in the evening.

Make a study time table that will enable you to retain information.  For example, if you study Geography for 40 minutes in the morning make sure you timetable at least 20 mins later in that day to test yourself on what you remember.  Please make a detailed study timetable and adhere to it as best you can. It will help your focus.

Always work against the Clock

Each time you study, clearly specify the work you intend to complete and set yourself a given period of time in which to complete it.  Don’t become a “clock-watcher” – they sit in the room quite happily, just so long as they spend sufficient time “at the books”.

Prepare, plan and Evaluate. Take notes, attempt exam questions. If you can get the opportunity to speak Irish, French, Spanish or German with family or friends then take it. Every little helps. Make it happen!

Remember, at the beginning of your exam papers you are given the required time allocation for each exam question; –  It is vital when answering these questions that you try to stay within this time frame.

Stay Safe, keep the balance and enjoy a little fun with family and friends.