Career Guidance

Career Guidance
32All Leinster Senior College students receive extensive and unlimited career guidance from our Guidance Counsellor / Principal Karl.

Karl is also available to external students for career guidance on a private basis. Tel: 045 487 811 – 087 637 9590 or email: for details.

Make informed decisions
No matter what you decide to do after school, it is important that you make informed decisions.  Career choice decision-making is an ongoing process from transition year onwards. Guidance Counsellors help you to recognise the range of options available to you. These options include Subject Choice for LC, Career Inventory Tests that determine your strengths and values,  and Informed CAO advice. Feel free to contact Karl re appointments.

  • Interview session exploring experiences, interests, personal qualities & strengths, skills & talents
  • Learning Preferences Assessment
  • Career Aspirations/Preferences
  • Behavioural Driver Questionnaire
  • Multiple Intelligences Development Assessment – how do you see your strengths, abilities & interests
  • Work Values Checklist
  • Aptitudes Assessment/Psychometric Testing
  • Goal setting, action planning
  • Selection of Undergraduate Courses tailored for your interests and values
  • Recommendations on Subject Choice
  • Study Skills

Please call Karl on 087 637 9590 to discuss your individual requirements or contact him below.

Book a Career Guidance Appointment

Enquiry - Career Guidance Appointment

Prepare for Guidance Counselling
  1.  Could you describe yourself in three words?
  2. What Career Driver is important to you?  {Look at the list below}
Material RewardsPower/Influence

3.  Can you list your values?

4.  What career will allow you to express your values?


Cao online Application Facility Opens on the 4th November at 12.00 am 2023

  • Discounted application fee of €30 is available up to the 20th of January at 5 pm
  • Normal applications CAO closing date is 1st of February at 5 pm (fee is €45)
  • Closing date for final completion of online DARE/HEAR forms is 1st March at 5pm
  • Closing date for completion of Mature Applicant section of the CAO form is the 1st March at 5pm
  • Late application facility open on 6th March at 12noon
  • DARE/HEAR supporting documentation to arrive in the CAO before March 15th
  • Late application CAO closing date is 1st May  (5 pm)
  • Change of mind Facility becomes available 5th May
  • Change of mind CAO closing date 1st July (5 pm)

Before filling in the CAO application it is vital to research the various choices available. Some students will have a clear idea of the area in which they want to work, others will consider several options, and some will be undecided. In the latter case it may be best to opt for more general degrees. The CAO should be completed with a full range of options, allowing for both dream, realistic and safe courses. All CAO places are allocated based on the genuine order of applicants’ preferences, indicated in their course choices.

Each student will receive a CAO Handbook. The handbook will be an invaluable guide to the process of applying for courses in the HEI’s participating in the central application service. Read it carefully and keep it to hand for future reference. You will find the answers to most of your questions in it. In addition, the CAO website contains a wealth of information for applicants as well as links to information pages on HEI websites, and other external websites. The CAO is an important process thus research your course choices carefully and use all of the resources available to keep yourself informed.

Minimum Entry Requirements – Universities

National University of Ireland (UCDublin, UCCork, NUI Galway, NUI Maynooth):

The minimum entry requirement for the universities that are part of the National University of Ireland (NUI) is six subjects, including English, Irish and (possibly) a third language. In two of these subjects, students must have achieved grade H5 and at least a grade H7 or O6 in four other subjects. Many courses also require a third language. There may be additional course requirements, such as maths, or a science subject for specific courses.

University of Limerick (UL), Trinity College Dublin and DCU:

The minimum entry requirement for is six subjects. Students must have achieved at least a grade H5 in two of these subjects (in three for TCD and the B.Ed. in DCU). Subjects must include a grade O6 in English, Maths* and a language other than English.
*Foundation level maths is accepted for some courses.

Minimum Entry Requirements – Institutes of Technology (IOT’s)

Level 8 (Honours Degree) courses: students generally require a minimum of grade H5 in two subjects and grade O6/H7 in four other subjects, including maths and either Irish or English.
Levels 6 and 7 (Higher Certificate and Ordinary Degree): students require five grade O6/H7, including maths and Irish or English

Make sure you have the ENTRY REQUIREMENTS which must be satisfied before “points” are considered.

If all Entry Requirements are met an applicant is deemed ‘Qualified’ to apply.

Remember: Place your course choices in genuine order of preference. You should not put down courses on the basis of your predictions of next year’s cut off points or your own points scores.

Students can also apply for Post Leaving Certificate (Level 5/6 NFQ) courses. PLC courses are NOT on the CAO form.

Courses Outside Ireland

Students interested in studying in the UK go to Applications are made in the online system. The application process takes time so do not leave it to the last minute. Applications should be sent to UCAS by one of these dates – depending on what course you apply for:

  • 15th October at 18:00 for the universities of Oxford, Cambridge or any professional course in medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine/science.
  • 15th January at 18:00 for the majority of courses.

Students who are interested in European colleges can go to and to study in the US

Go to to find out if you qualify for the Higher Education Access Route (HEAR) and/or the Disability Access Route to Education (DARE).

HPAT Ireland


Registrations for HPAT-Ireland will open in early November. Standard registrations will close at 5.15 pm GMT on Sunday 22 January. Late registrations will be accepted until 5.15 pm GMT on Friday 3rd February on payment of a late fee.

Exceptional late registrations will be accepted until 5.15 pm on Sunday 5th February. An exceptional late registration will only be accepted from candidates who have submitted their application to the CAO by 5.15 pm on Friday 3rd February.

It will NOT be possible to register for HPAT – Ireland after registrations close at 5.15 pm on Sunday 5th February.

For more information go to

Open Days

Throughout the year attend college Open Days. Open days are an excellent opportunity to learn more about the colleges you are interested in and the educational opportunities they offer, to talk with staff and students and to get a real feel for life on the campus. There will be a lot to do on the day so get a guide to what is happening before you go, these can normally be downloaded from the college website, and you can then plan which talks to attend and which departments to visit. Write down any questions you have about the college, course, accommodation etc.

Trinity Pharmacy TY Placement Application Deadline for Spring Placement    31/12/2019    Trinity College Dublin

HPAT Ulster – Health Professions Admissions Test Late Registration Period    02/01/2020    HPAT Ulster

2020 Undergraduate Open Day    03/01/2020    Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Open Day    07/01/2020    Dublin Business School

CAO Information Evening    07/01/2020    University College Dublin

BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition 2020    08/01/2020    BT Communications Ireland Limited

CAO Information Evening    08/01/2020    Maynooth University       

NCAD Portfolio Information, Workshops & Clinics    09/01/2020    National College of Art & Design       

Open Day – Limerick Campus (Sat)    11/01/2020    Mary Immaculate College       

Open Evening – LIT Clonmel Campus    14/01/2020    Limerick Institute of Technology Tipperary       

Open Day    15/01/2020    Blackrock Further Education Institute BFEI       

DCU Information Evening for CAO Applicants    15/01/2020    Dublin City University

Open Evening    15/01/2020    Letterkenny Institute of Technology

UCAS 2020 – Entry Deadline for all UCAS UG courses, except those with 15 Oct Deadline    15/01/2020    UCAS

UCAS 2020 – Entry Deadline for Most UG Dance, Drama or Musical Theatre Courses    15/01/2020    UCAS

Information Evening & PLC Interview Preparation Seminars    16/01/2020    Colaiste Dhulaigh College of Further Education       

NUI Galway Information Evening – Limerick    16/01/2020    NUI Galway       

Open Day (Sat)    18/01/2020    Institute of Art Design & Technology       

CAO Open Day (Sat)    18/01/2020    National College of Ireland

UL Open Day (Sat)    18/01/2020    University of Limerick

CAO 2020 – Discounted Application Available up to    20/01/2020    CAO

HPAT Ireland 2020 Expected Late Registration Period    20/01/2020    HPAT Ireland

Enrolment Day    21/01/2020    Colaiste Ide College of Further Education       

Open Day    21/01/2020    Inchicore CFE       

CAO Information Evening    22/01/2020    Institute of Technology Carlow Carlow Campus       

Portfolio Clinic 2020    23/01/2020    TU Dublin City Campus       

HPAT Ulster – Health Professions Admissions Test Day    25/01/2020    HPAT Ulster       

UCAS 2020 – Receive all Decisions by 3rd Jan, Reply by this date    31/01/2020    UCAS

CAO 2020 – Normal Closing Date for Applications    01/02/2020    CAO

CAO 2020 – Online Change of Course Choices (free) Facility Closes    01/02/2020    CAO       

CAO 2020 – Online Facility to Amend Course Choices Available (fee)    05/02/2020    CAO    

Portfolio Submission Deadline 2020    07/02/2020    National College of Art & Design

Open Day    13/02/2020    Portobello Institute

UCD Science, BAFS & Computer Science 6th Year Open Day (Sat)    15/02/2020    University College Dublin      

Taster Days (4 Days – Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs)    17/02/2020    Institute of Art Design & Technology

Trainee Jockey Course Open Day    19/02/2020    RACE       

HPAT Ireland 2020 Expected Test Date (Sat)    22/02/2020    HPAT Ireland       

UCAS 2020 – Extra Opens    25/02/2020    UCAS

Trainee Jockey Course Open Day    26/02/2020    RACE

Try Art at WIT    26/02/2020   

Engineers Week 2020    29/02/2020    Engineers Ireland STEPS

Engineers Week at IT Sligo    29/02/2020    Institute of Technology Sligo

CAO 2020 – Closing Date for Amending Course Choices    01/03/2020    CAO

CAO 2020 – Closing Date for Completing of Mature Applicant Section    01/03/2020    CAO

CAO 2020 – Closing Date for Final Completion of Online DARE HEAR forms    01/03/2020    CAO       

Portfolio Submission 2020 (2 Days – Tues & Wed)    03/03/2020    TU Dublin City Campus       

CAO 2020 – Late Application Facility Opens    05/03/2020    CAO

Enrolment Day    05/03/2020    Colaiste Ide College of Further Education

Open Day    05/03/2020    Moate Business College       

Teagasc Spring Open Day    06/03/2020    Ballyhaise Agricultural College

Teagasc Spring Open Day    06/03/2020    Clonakilty Agricultural College       

Teagasc Spring Open Day    06/03/2020    Kildalton Agricultural College       

Spring Open Day    11/03/2020    Gurteen Agricultural College

Open Evening / Information Session    11/03/2020    Marino College of Further Education

Trainee Jockey Course Open Day    11/03/2020    RACE       

Teagasc Spring Open Day    12/03/2020    College of Amenity Horticulture Botanic Gardens       

Open Day    13/03/2020    Carlow Institute of Further Education       

CAO 2020 – HEAR DARE Supporting Docs to Arrive in CAO    15/03/2020    CAO       

Portfolio Assessments (5 Days)    23/03/2020    Institute of Art Design & Technology

Trainee Jockey Course Open Day    25/03/2020    RACE       

Student Teacher Experience Day – Thurles Campus (Sat)    28/03/2020    Mary Immaculate College

Music Entrance Test MH103 (Sat)    28/03/2020    Maynooth University

Student Teacher Experience Day (Sat)    28/03/2020    MIC St. Patricks Campus Thurles

Undergraduate Open Day (Sat)    28/03/2020    NUI Galway

WIT Spring Open Day (Sat)    28/03/2020    Waterford Institute of Technology       

Open Evening / Information Session    01/04/2020    Marino College of Further Education

Spring Open Day 2020 (Sat)    04/04/2020    Dublin City University

GMIT Letterfrack Open Day (Sat)    04/04/2020    Galway-Mayo IT Letterfrack

Be a Student for a Day – Open Day (Sat)    04/04/2020    Institute of Technology Sligo

Spring Open Day (Sat)    04/04/2020    St. Patricks Campus DCU       

Trainee Jockey Course Open Day    08/04/2020    RACE

Trainee Jockey Course Open Day    15/04/2020    RACE

Open Day    16/04/2020    Portobello Institute       

BA in Musical Theatre Entrance Test C130 (3 Days – Thur-Sat)    23/04/2020    CIT Cork School of Music

BA Popular Music Entrance Tests (3 Days)    23/04/2020    CIT Cork School of Music

BA in Theatre & Drama Studies Entrance Tests CR700 (2 Days Fri & Sat)    24/04/2020    CIT Cork School of Music     

BMus Degree Course Entrance Test CR121 (Sat)    25/04/2020    CIT Cork School of Music

Spring Open Day    25/04/2020    Institute of Technology Tralee

Spring Open Day (Sat)    25/04/2020    Maynooth University

Spring 2020 Open Day (Sat)    25/04/2020    Pontifical University St Patricks College Maynooth       

CAO 2020 – Closing Date for Late Applications    01/05/2020    CAO

DkIT Sports Scholarship Application Deadline    01/05/2020    Dundalk Institute of Technology

SAT Subject Tests    02/05/2020    SAT CollegeBoard (US Scholastic Aptitude Testing)

CAO 2020 – Change of Mind Facility Available    05/05/2020    CAO       

Spring Open Day    09/05/2020    Institute of Technology Carlow Carlow Campus

Open Day    12/05/2020    Dublin Business School       

Open Day    14/05/2020    Institute of Technology Carlow Wexford Campus       

Animal Care Interviews 2020 (3 Days – Wed/Thurs/Fri)    20/05/2020    St. Johns Central College

Enrolment Day    21/05/2020    Colaiste Ide College of Further Education       

UCD Summer Schools (for 5th years) – 4 Days    02/06/2020    University College Dublin

Start Date for Certificate Examinations 2020    03/06/2020    State Examinations Commission

SAT Subject Tests    06/06/2020    SAT CollegeBoard (US Scholastic Aptitude Testing)

AIT Summer Schools 2020    08/06/2020    Athlone Institute of Technology       

Maynooth Summer School 2020 (5 Days)    15/06/2020    Maynooth University       

DCU June Open Day    25/06/2020    Dublin City University

Summer Open Day (Sat)    27/06/2020    Maynooth University

Summer 2020 Open Day (Sat)    27/06/2020    Pontifical University St Patricks College Maynooth

UCAS 2020 – Entry Applications received after 30 June are entered into Clearing    30/06/2020    UCAS

CAO 2020 – Change of Mind Facility Closes    01/07/2020    CAO

UCAS 2020 – Last date to apply in Extra    05/07/2020    UCAS       

CAO 2020 – Exceptional Closing Date for Late Applications (HEI Attendants)    22/07/2020    CAO       

UCAS 2020 – A Level Results Day    13/08/2020    UCAS

UCAS 2020 – Adjustment Opens    13/08/2020    UCAS       

SAT Subject Tests    29/08/2020    SAT CollegeBoard (US Scholastic Aptitude Testing)

UCAS 2020 – Remaining Offer Conditions Met & Adjustment Ends    31/08/2020    UCAS       

UCAS 2020 – Final Date for 2020 Entry Applications    21/09/2020    UCAS