Study School

Study School – Evenings and Saturdays

We offer a supervised study enviornment for Junior Cert, 5th Year and Leaving Cert students from other schools. If you find it difficult to study at home you might benefit from using our supervised study facilities. We offer Saturday Study from 9am until 4pm.


Study Tips

  • Begin your study now.
  • A study plan will give you structure and help you stay organized.
  • Make a study plan for each subject. This will help with your long-term learning and goal setting.
  • Fill out a weekly study plan each Sunday in preparation for the week ahead.
  • Be specific about what you plan to study in each subject.
  • Leave time for breaks and be realistic in your goal setting.
  • Make a note of important assignments and ongoing tests/exams so that you remember to prepare in advance.
  • Tick off each task as it is completed. This will help you keep track of your progress throughout the year.