Leinster Senior College gave me the platform to excel by providing an environment that allows you to focus and keeps you working throughout the year. I couldn’t have achieved the results I did without the help of the teachers and staff who consistently keep you motivated. If I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t hesitate in enrolling in Leinster Senior College.”
Adam Walsh (over 600 points – 2019)


Our daughter sat her Leaving Certificate exams in June 2019. Leinster Senior College has been a great source of support not only in the academic field but also in connecting with the students and understanding any frustrations or concerns that arise. They connect on a personal level and ensure any student has the capacity to reach their full potential. Our daughter achieved over 600 points due to hard work and focus with the kind support of every teacher and staff member she interacted with.  Special thanks to all the teachers, staff and management for making this possible. Proud and grateful parents!” (October 2019)


Spending the past year at LSC was one of the best decisions I have ever made. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to study medicine but unfortunately, I didn’t get enough points for this course the first time round. Instead of simply accepting another course, I decided to repeat my exams at LSC. Something about the school made me feel at home and I very soon found it quite easy to focus and get down to work there. The atmosphere amongst the students was very welcoming and the work ethic that the school encourages really helped me to excel in subjects I had previously struggled with.

The teachers at Leinster had a lasting impact on me and taught with care, determination & focus on exams. I also found the HPAT tutor sessions that LSC offered really helped me to improve in this challenging exam.

Overall, I could not thank the staff at Leinster Senior College enough. They provided me with the environment & the opportunity to excel in my school subjects and now because of this opportunity, I will begin to study the course of my dreams- Medicine & I will be taking my first steps into the medical world. I would advise any student to strongly consider Leinster Senior College for their Leaving Cert.  Emmanuel”. (625 points).


Leinster Senior College is a testimonial to the saying ‘what you see is what you get’. You knuckle down, and you get the results. My two years there taught me the importance of working smart as well as working hard. Constant exams throughout the year mean that you’re always ready for your next test, and the emphasis on past papers means that you know exactly what the examiner will be looking for when it really matters. The students themselves were really easy going, and bullying was never an issue. We were all there to work, so the atmosphere in class was always constructive. The teachers were very helpful, and were always ready to go the extra mile for their students, be it in the form of an extra english class at 8am on a Monday morning, or organising a mock oral exam with a Leaving Cert Examiner.

When results day came, I did better than expected. Leinster gave me the tools to do exactly what I had set out to accomplish at the start of 5th year, and I don’t think I’ll ever regret my decision to invest two years of my life there.


Our son attended LSC for 5th and 6th year and it was a fantastic experience.  The school is tailored for those who really want to learn and get results. The subject choice is excellent with no restrictions, and the daily timetable is set to suit the student giving them free study periods throughout the day. Continuous tests throughout the year is an excellent system as the course remains fresh for the student.  Our son made wonderful friends and everyone just seems to get along, no worries on bullying or being left out. The results our son achieved in the Leaving Cert was all down to the school instilling a great work/study ethic in the students.  ….  Cora Mangan & Luke Burrowes


The bottom line is that the year on year improvement, related directly to the teaching methods and environment of Leinster Senior College, was 65% in repeating the Leaving Cert. That is not a misprint, not 65 points but 65%! The result means that my son is now studying the course he wanted, following the pathway that he’d dreamed about and the improvement overall in his happiness is marked.

From the get go, based on the early feedback that we were getting, it was clear to us that Leinster Senior College had the teaching resources and dedication to task that suited my son and I’d have no hesitation in recommending the Leinster Senior College team highly for their professional conduct, attentiveness and kindness.

Eddie Hobbs

PS. No Gratuity Paid for this Testimonial! It is how it was.