Fifth Year Summer Pack

Well done to our forty 5th year students on your great work rate during the year. The time since Covid 19 closure in March has certainly been different, but you managed to adjust to remote on-line learning very quickly.

All Leinster Senior College fifth years will have received a Summer Study Pack. Perhaps spend one day every two weeks or half a day every week. It will keep you sharp and help you prepare best for your Leaving Cert year.

To all 5th yrs from other schools, make the summer count!

Take time out to go on and think what courses you might put down on your CAO next year.

Is it possible to do some work experience during the summer based on a career that might interest you after school? Even in a voluntary capacity? Covid 19 restrictions could make it difficult this year.

Could you read your single English text or comparative texts over the summer? Over the holidays make sure you read. Challenge yourself with three books.

How is your extra language? Going to the Gaelteacht this summer will not be an option, but there may be on-line language courses available. Keep an eye on our website for possible courses.

Enjoy your summer, but keep your subjects alive by spending an odd hour or two at revision.