Mid-term Break Activities

Information for Parents of LSC Students only:

Mid-term Break: 12th – 16th February

Supervised Study during Mid term

Friday 9th February – SUPERVISED STUDY will continue until 7pm as normal.

Saturday 10th February – SUPERVISED STUDY – 9am to 4pm
                                           Saturday Maths Ordinary class: 10am to 11am as normal

Monday 12th February – SCHOOL CLOSED

Tuesday 13th February – SCHOOL CLOSED

Wednesday 14th February – SUPERVISED STUDY – 9am to 4pm

Thursday 15th February – SUPERVISED STUDY – 9am to 4pm

Friday 16th February – SUPERVISED STUDY – 9am to 4pm

Saturday 17th February – SUPERVISED STUDY  9am to 1pm

Extra Classes during Mid-term

Irish – Oral Preparation
Saturday 10th, Wednesday 14th, Thursday 15th and Friday 16th:  Sixth year students have been assigned a specific time for their Oral Preparation with Laoise.

German – Oral Preparation
Wednesday 14th February – 6th Yrs  – German class from 11am to 1pm. (Compulsory for 6th yrs. Optional for 5th yrs). Mock Orals afternoon. Specific times have been given to each student.

Accounting Class – 6th Yrs
Wednesday 14th February –   9am to 1pm

Business Class – 6th Yrs
Thursday 15th February –   9am to 1pm

Economics Class – 6th Yrs
Friday 16th February –  9am to 1pm

All the above applies to Leinster Senior College students only, except for Supervised Study sessions.