Inhale Confidence, Exhale Doubt

Best wishes to our Leaving Certificate Class of 2023! Well done on the impressive work you put in this past few weeks! Not an easy task, but one you managed exceptionally well. You are ready now. Keep Calm. Best wishes for the exams. The following steps may be a help!

Nine steps to follow

1. Routine – Now is the time to begin going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. Don’t wait ’till the exams start before doing this. If you usually go to bed around 11.00 could you now make it 10.15 0r 10.30. You are going to be more tired during the exams due to your high levels of concentration. When we are tired we can make mistakes, so try get some rest!

2. Study – When the exams begin, your study should become more specific. English is on Wednesday, so Tuesday you should be focusing predominantly on English. Refresh on the time allocation for each question. You will find that info in your exam papers.

3. Try to avoid leaving the exam early unless you are certain you have done your best. Remember, it’s too late when you’re outside the exam centre and you remember something that you left out.

4. Take one exam at a time and try not to dwell on them. Once the exam is over put it aside and move onto preparing for the next paper. What’s done, is done.

5. Continue to eat healthy during the exams. An extra slice of toast or piece of fruit at breakfast would also be advisable. Have a bottle of water at hand.

6. Remember panicking creates tunnel vision. Try and adapt a calmer attitude and this will help you to evaluate and assess each question as it comes.

7. Take time out each evening during the exams to recharge the batteries. Go for a walk, run or relax and listen to some music before returning your attention to the next exam.

8. Take time out to talk to your close friends and family. Don’t shut out your support network. They may not always say the right thing but they do want you to do well.

9. Might help you relax: you can do this anywhere, any time: – Take a few moments sitting with your eyes closed. Breathe in and out slowly. Just concentrate on your breathing.  If you are a person of faith you might find that saying a little prayer will help keep you calm and confident.