Leaving Cert Results – Don’t Panic

‘Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out’ {John Wooden}

Firstly, congratulations to all students from all schools who have achieved what they desired and commiserations to those who fell short or are disappointed by not fulfilling their potential.

The Leaving Cert is seen as a milestone in most young people’s lives and so the arrival of the results can be a highly charged event for you, your son or daughter.  Hence the need for a calm head in the house is required; if things haven’t turned out as planned take valuable ‘think time’.  Give your son or daughter time to deal with their own disappointment.  At first, it’s bound to be upsetting, – and rushing in with ‘Well what are you going to do now?’ would not be advisable.

There is an old saying ‘smooth seas don’t make skilful sailors’. In my experience of working with students ‘things’ have a way of working out, primarily if you add in the vital ingredient of ‘perseverance’. ’We don’t always get in life what we want or even deserve.  A common question, I often ask at interviews is, ‘have you ever had to deal with adversity in your life’?  For disappointed students, this present difficulty could form the basis of an excellent answer in years to come, depending of course on how you deal with your present disappointment    Below are a few positive options to consider:

  • accepting an alternative CAO course offered
  • applying for a re-check
  • repeating the Leaving Cert
  • looking at vacant CAO places
  • PLC Course
  • Independent Third Level Colleges
  • UK alternatives
  • direct employment

First things first

Recheck of Examination Scripts and Appeals Process

When you receive your results, your school will also have a personalised application form provided by the State Examinations Commission which will show your examination details including your subjects.  If you decide you would like to view a particular script you must complete this form.   Submit the completed form to your school by Tuesday 22nd August 2017.

The viewing sessions will take place in your school over the 1st and 2nd September. It is not possible to arrange viewing of scripts on any other date.  You are allowed to bring one person to view the script with you. It might be good to ask a teacher to view your script as they should have the most helpful perspective on whether to appeal.

Appeal fee is €40.00 per subject in the case of the Leaving Cert and €15.50 in the case of Leaving Cert Applied.  The fee will be refunded if your result is upgraded.

Appeal applications must be with the SEC by Wednesday 6th September 2017.

For more information on this process log on to www.examinations.ie.

Karl Hegarty

Career and Guidance

Leinster Senior College 045 487811