1. Make sure to carefully check your application and ensure that all of the course codes are correct and listed in order of preference before the 1 July at 5:15pm.

2. After making changes to an application, applicants will receive an email – applicants should read this email carefully to ensure that there are no errors or omissions.

3. In May, all applicants were sent a Statement of Application Record by email. Applicants who have not logged in to their account to check that all of their personal and examination information is correct should do so now and notify CAO immediately if there are any errors or omissions.

4. Be wary of advice from well-meaning relations; your know-it-all friend especially if they are telling you to do something like picking a course or a college because they did it. You are the one that will have to do the course for a few years.

5. Regardless of points you need to meet minimum entry requirements for each course e.g. to have achieved a certain grade in a specific subject. Advice : check each course requirements

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Kind Regards,

Karl Hegarty
Guidance Counsellor and Principal
Leinster Senior College