CAO Application Helpful Information

The CAO Application Process is now open for entry to third level colleges. Early online applications closing date is 20th January 2018.

All Leinster Senior College students receive unlimited extensive private career guidance from our experienced full-time Guidance Counsellor. Our Career Guidance Counsellor Karl is also available to external students on a private basis for advice on CAO applications etc.,. Tel: 045 487 811 or email: for details.

Getting your application right is very important. The following information may be helpful.

Fill your course list out in order of general preference. DO NOT put down a course as number 1 because you assume you’ll never get the points for it.

What happens if you do get the points?? Number 1 should be the course you want most, number 2 your next most desirable course and so on. The CAO will only look at your second choice if you don’t meet the entry requirements or points for your first choice.

Remember, points are determined based on the number of applicants in any given year. They’ll either go up, go down or remain the same. There is no way to predict the points for any course. You must wait and see how many people applied for it and what points they received in their Leaving Certificate. Hence the reason why the CAO offers come out after the Leaving Cert results.

Make certain you meet the entry requirements of each course you list. If you have an exemption from Irish and/or a third language and it is a requirement, please research how to inform the college of this exemption.

My final advice before listing your courses:

·        Check entry requirements

·        Research the course and enquire as to the percentage of people who gain employment or go onto further study by contacting the course director.

·        List your courses in order of preference – NOT based on last year’s points.

·        Have a fall-back course listed somewhere on your CAO list; that course that had relatively low points last year and you know that if things do not turn out as you planned you still have enough points for another course.

·        Finally, check out the modules you’ll be studying in first, second, third and fourth year if applicable. Make sure you have an interest in the modules and most importantly have the ability/commitment to pass them.

Karl Hegarty – Principal
Career and Guidance Counsellor

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